Deity favored weapon pathfinder

deity favored weapon pathfinder

Gorum (Deity) Titles: Lord in Iron. Favored Weapon: Greatsword Gorum. Deities of the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting; 1. Does a cleric have to wield – as often as possible, in combat – his deity's favored weapon? If, say, I'm playing a cleric of Pelor, whose favored weapon is a. Paizo / Messageboards / Paizo / Pathfinder® / Pathfinder RPG / Paizo Products / Deity's favored weapon / alignment. Pathfinder, the Pathfinder logo, Pathfinder. Archives of Nethys Deities. Pathfinder Wiki Andoletta Details. Domains Good, Knowledge, Law, Protection Favored Weapon Quarterstaff: Angradd Favored Weapon: Longbow Erastil. Erastil is an elder deity. Deities of the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting; Core deities Back to Out of Character. Deity AL Portfolios Domains Favored Weapon. Erastil LG God of farming, hunting, trade, family Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant longbow Gods & Pantheons. The names of the gods of the Pathfinder campaign setting are not Open Game Content. and favored weapons. Deity AL Areas of Concern Domains. Paizo / Messageboards / Paizo / Pathfinder® / Pathfinder RPG / Rules Questions. Deity's Favored. If the deity's favored weapon was Dueling Sword (exotic), or Orc. Archives of Nethys Deities. Favored Weapon Bladed scarf: Bergelmir Mother of Memories. Pathfinder Wiki Black Butterfly Details Alignment CG I have an idea of a (probably dwarf) cleric who beats people into submission using two handed shield bashes. Since clerics aren't proficient in.


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